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Hydro Cellusion

Hydro Cellusion 60ml
RM110.00(wm) RM120.00(em)

Benefits of mineral properties Hydro Cellusion SOL.
1. increase the strength of the subcutaneous tissues.
2 accelerate blood circulation
3 conveyor and the ingredients deep into the skin cell membranes.
4 the power of a powerful antioxidant.
5. disinfection properties And anti-inflammatory
6.-aging and wrinkles.
7. restore firmness And elasticity
8. boost to the metabolism of the skin.
9. strengthen the absorption of collagen into the skin with essential nutrients.
10 Detained aging process And maintain youthful skin.
11. rid of toxins that accumulate in the pores.
12. accelerate the repair process of damaged skin tissue.
13. rid of dark spots caused by sun. And from other causes
14. reduce swelling Hydro Mineral Ingredients cell length Seoul. Hydro Cellusion extracted from 18 kinds of precious stones, gold and silver derivatives are suitable media for FIR energy body best. With innovations in nanotechnology Made out in the form of a spray. Easy to use it safely. It contains no chemicals that are harmful to skin and eyes.
How to use Hydro Cellusion: the spray face - morning and evening before applying moisturizer general. Use with serum and moisturizer all after Stem Cell Spray Hydro Cellusion.