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Cathy Doll Chilli Bomb Anti-Stretch Mark Intense Cream

Cathy Doll Chilli Bomb Anti-Stretch Mark Intense Cream 100g

RM28.00(wm) RM32.00(em)


RM20.00 x 6pcs     

RM18.00 x 12 pcs

RM16.50 x 24 pcs keatas

Stretch marks removal cream that riches with extractions to promote smoother skin.
Resolves stretch marks skin problem, 
rough or dull, lack of moisture and inelastic, especially around the buttocks, hips, thighs and upper arms with the power of Rosemary, 
a powerful antioxidant that helps restore skin vitality.
Prevents wrinkles and stretch marks, enriched extract of Centella Asiatica 
that helps reduce the appearance of dark spots and scars to fade noticeably, 
it also contains cucumber extract and Aloe Vera that help hydrates and soothe your skin glowing and soft.
How to use 
For best result, should apply the product onto stretch mark area continuously twice a day.
 Experience the result within 28 days.
( Varies according to individual skin condition )
Size : 100g.